Best Foods For Runners

One of the questions that the passionate runner asks himself most frequently is: What do I have to eat and what don’t I have to eat to make the most of it? We are not here to recommend diets, there are doctors and nutritionist biologists for this, but we want to suggest some essential elements in the weekly diet of an athlete, proposing those foods that instead should be avoided.

We start from the assumption that the runner’s diet must include the intake of a good dose of complex carbohydrates (or at least low glycemic index) and a fair, without exceeding, the number of fats (mainly monounsaturated as those contained in olive oil or dried fruit). The two elements must be combined, of course, with a proportionate dose of proteins (vegetable or oily fish): in recent years the latter have been “re-enabled” as they have been recognized as playing a significant role in recovery mechanisms. In short, remember that a careful and balanced diet is always the best solution.

Below listed the best food for runners.

Whole Grains


Not only are preparations made with wholemeal flour, or soups, preferred, but it would be appropriate that the pasta and bread we eat every day should also be made with wholemeal flour, refined as little as possible.

These foods are rich in iron and carbohydrates, they are “clean fuel” (don’t abuse them the evening before a race otherwise you risk to have a high intestinal “sensitivity” in the morning).




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