9 Cities Where the Most Millennials Are Moving

Digital natives, entrepreneurs and travellers, millennials are not afraid to move anywhere in the world, to chase the right opportunities and experiences.

But what do Millenials look for in a city? Good quality of life at an acceptable cost, a dynamic job market, vibrant cultural and nightlife, a stimulating gastronomic scene and the ease of making acquaintances and cultivating friendships.

Based on these assumptions, here are the 10 Cities Where the Most Millennials Are Moving. These are cities that offer good job prospects and love diversity, which is why they are at the top of the list of those who want to expatriate. If you add an active social life and fascinating travel possibilities, the experience could not only change your life, but also make it so fantastic that you will never want to go home again.

Montreal, Canada

Canada’s outdoor lifestyle has a strong appeal to ex-pats (not just Americans crossing the border for cheap drugs). Montréal has a special charm, linked to its majestic 19th-century architecture, hidden blues and jazz scene, and varied gastronomic culture.

It is also the most festive city in Canada (and the typical dish, poutine, is what you need after a night of excess. Okay, it’s also the coldest city in the country, but snowy winters are anything but a deterrent with ski slopes less than 90 minutes away.




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