Companies That Have Actually Benefited From the Pandemic

The economic crisis linked to the spread of the coronavirus is in the process of being defined as one of the most violent and at the same time one of the most peculiar in modern history: it is a crisis that already in the explosion phase manifests enormous polarization between winners and losers, between the outcomes in the real economy and the one in the closed garden of finance, between extremely heterogeneous sectors.

The giants of tech are triumphant of this crisis, in which the immaterial economy of data, smart working, connectivity have been fundamental themes on which to test the resilience of a system. It is no coincidence that in the ranking of companies able to see their capitalization soar during the months of the pandemic, companies in the technology sector stand out very often, able to exploit their equipment, to process the data created by the economic sector during the pandemic and not to be excessively penalized by the lockdown.

Here are the Companies That Have Actually Benefited From the Pandemic.


SECTOR: eCommerce / Headquarters: Seattle, USA

401.1 billion dollars of market capitalization added

Key figure: $4 billion, how much Amazon plans to invest to keep its logistics active throughout the coronavirus crisis.

While rulers around the world were ordering citizens to stay at home, Amazon has become the refuge of those who desperately tried to stockpile basic necessities to deal with the pandemic. A race that led the company to temporarily close its warehouses to “non-essential” products. This choice was accompanied by record revenue, but also by a surge in costs. Amazon’s chief executive officer, Jeff Bezos, estimated extra spending of about $4 billion to mitigate the effects of the virus, to be invested in testing labs and thermal imaging cameras, a scenario that would potentially push Amazon toward its first quarterly loss since 2015. However, the online shopping boom and the growing importance of Amazon’s cloud computing system in the era of smart working have taken the company’s stock to an all-time high.




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