7 Signs You Should Quit Your Job

Sometimes it can happen that you feel tired, listless, unmotivated and above all little appreciated and understood by those who run the office or company, boss or management in general. These are moments that are part of the working career, periods that usually go from week to month but not beyond.

After all, it is not humanly possible to always be at the top and guarantee performance that is always full of enthusiasm and dynamism, especially when you have worked in the same office for years in the same role.

However, there are, however, more pronounced alarm bells, signals that indicate loud and clear that we are no longer well where we are. Longer moments of dissatisfaction that never seem to end in a pendulum that oscillates between bad days and worse days. Recognizing these signs can help you to take two paths thanks to a mature awareness that you are in a state of professional discontent. Before this state turns into resignation, it is time to act and try everything to change something and seek the professional satisfaction that you lack today.

So let’s analyze what these alarms are and discover together the ways forward before to quit.


The state of demotivation and professional dissatisfaction has been going on for a long time, over a month and more. The ups and downs are almost gone but there is only a constant discontent that doesn’t seem to stop because it doesn’t come from a specific circumstance but more generally from the employment itself, colleagues, superiors and therefore from the quality of life in general that during working hours looks bad.


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