Unbelievable Jobs That Dogs Do

By now we all know how wonderful dogs can be as life companions and trusted friends, but sometimes we forget how incredibly special these animals are for some of their incredible dog skills, which help humans a lot, every day. Humans, for the most part, are not able to do all the work that dogs can do, because Fido has an incredible sense of smell: research shows that he can even smell fear, anxiety and sadness.

While many dogs are simply our roommates and have the task of keeping us company, others do serious work that serves the good of society. Working dogs have a real job that they take very seriously. These dogs have natural talents that are carefully honed with intensive training. Working dogs are trained to help others and they love to serve.

Many of the dog jobs can be done by multiple dog breeds and mixed breed animals. Breeding clubs and dog breed organizations classify some of these into a “work category”. Not all dog work can only be done by our animal friends, but certainly the way they do their duty cannot be imitated by humans in any way. Click through the slides for Unbelievable Jobs That Dogs Do.



For decades, the Italian School for Rescue Dogs has trained animals to save people from drowning.

Although many different dogs can learn these rescue skills, the Newfoundland breed is a popular choice because both their strong build and water-resistant outer fur make them well equipped for this kind of profession.

After dogs learn how to help humans with the rescue, some puppies volunteer on the beaches to serve as lifeguards.




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