10 Drinks That Will Dehydrate You

A headache, exhaustion, bad concentration, constipation and a bad skin: these symptoms might indicate that you are dehydrated. It is very important to drink enough every day. Unfortunately, not all drinks are as hydrating as they might seem and only leave you more dehydrated.

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There is no harm in drinking the beverages mentioned in this article so now and then, but remember to restore your fluid balance with food and beverages that actually hydrate.


10. Soda


Beverages like soda really have no purpose besides being tasty. They have an insanely high sugar content which does nothing good for your body. Sugar is bad for your skin and your teeth, makes you fat, is bad for heart and blood vessels, increases the risk of diabetes and is dehydrating.

This is because the sugar in your blood makes you urinate more as your body wants to get rid of it. Of course, your body does not only dispose of that sugar, also of a lot of water. This will dry you out if you are not aware of your sugar intake and make no effort to recover your fluid deficit


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