10 Foods That Give You Clear Skin

A healthy, glowing skin: who doesn’t dream of this? Good news, you have a bigger impact on your skin’s health than you think.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that incorporating an 8-step skin care routine in your daily life will do the trick. You can use as many beauty products as you want, but if your body is unhealthy, your skin will be too. The food you eat has high and direct impact on your skin. With the right diet and balance in vitamins, minerals and natural fats you can make your skin glow from the inside. Keep reading to discover the 10 foods that will contribute to ease up this process.

10. Dark Chocolate


Chocolate is not just a mood booster; it is also a skin booster! Dark chocolate with minimum 70 percent cocoa provides sun protection because it contains flavonoids. Flavonoids are plant natural compounds which have strong antioxidant properties. The fact that chocolate is good for your skin doesn’t mean you need to apply the delicious snack all over your face. Simply eating a piece (or two) every day should do it. Regardless of chocolate’s sun protective features, never forget to use sunscreen.

Besides acting as sun protection, chocolate can also rejuvenate and prevent skin aging. This is, again, caused by flavonoid which helps old cells recover and divide and make chromosomes longer. This is a good thing, because while aging, chromosomes naturally become shorter which causes wrinkles.




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