10 Healthy Snacks You’ll Find in Every Supermarket

After lunch or an evening on the couch, this is especially recognizable: you feel like snacking … Very tempting to satisfy that appetite with an unhealthy snack as soon as possible. You enjoy that chocolate chip cookie or bag of chips for about ten minutes and then you feel that guilt rising. Good news: there are plenty of tasty healthy snacks! You can eat these without feeling guilty. You usually go for ready-made products, because this is nice and easy. And that is why you can find a list of healthy snacks that you can take straight from the shelves.

First, it is not good to be very hungry between breakfast, lunch and dinner. It has a negative effect on your productivity and motivation, making you reach for a snack that quickly makes you feel full. What also happens is that you eat too many calories with the meals you do eat. You take larger portions if you have been feeling hungry all day.

Then the big question: how do you snack healthy? The tip is to choose snacks that are nutritious. For example, with a lot of proteins or a fibre-rich product. The following ten snacks are a healthy alternative when you have those cravings again. You can easily grab these snacks in between meetings whilst working from home.

10. Sweet potato fries


These rascals are washed and cut in store for you. Sprinkle them at home with some salt and chilli powder and throw them in the oven at 200 degrees for half an hour. Sweet potatoes contain an impressive amount of fibre. In one unpeeled sweet potato, you will find no less than 6 grams of these healthy substances. Fibre is not only very good for your intestines, but also for your sugar level and your weight.

Due to the presence of fibre, the natural sugars in sweet potato are less likely to be absorbed by your body. Because your body with sweet potato gradually takes in some natural sugar, your sugar level hardly rises if you eat a dish with sweet potato. As you may know, a stable sugar level is very good for your health. For example, it helps prevent type 2 diabetes and other ailments.




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