10 lottery winners who lost all money

Winning the lottery is definitely a wish that everyone has expressed at least once in their life. Winning so much money that you no longer have to work for the rest of your life is a magnificent prospect for the vast majority of people.

There are some, however, that despite having been kissed by the blindfolded goddess have been able to throw everything to the wind and ruin their own life.

Here is a gallery with the stories of 10 people who have discovered on their self that money doesn’t always make happiness, on the contrary: sometimes they can also create more than a few problems.

Sharon Tirabassi

In 2004 she won the Ontario Lottery, $10  million, but spent all her winnings in a “big house, fashionable cars, designer clothes, mega parties, exotic trips, family gifts, loans to friends” and so, in less than 10 years, she has returned to her former life.

Now she is a worker, takes the bus and lives in a rented house. At least the woman has invested part of her winnings in a fund for her children, which they can benefit from at the age of 26.


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