10 Most Profitable Apps Ever

It’s hard to think that only a decade ago, apps were not so significant in our everyday lives. And it’s much more strange to think that 30 years ago they don’t even exist.

On our smartphone, we download Apps for everything: food delivery, cleaning solutions, rides, social media. We cannot avoid using those apps every day.  And while this is a market that’s always changing, it is possible to grasp which are those earning the big bucks. Let’s count down the 10 Most Profitable Apps Ever.

10. QQ


Most Profitable Apps EverEven if you have not heard of it, QQ is not just among the most profitable App of all time, it’s also one of the most downloaded App ever. It is Chinese most common social network, and as WhatsApp it allows users to have video chats and exchange instant messages, even among many other features.

Having estimated earnings of $15 million annually, the app doesn’t have any problem earning the money. It now ranks number 9 about the App Shop’s highest-grossing apps of 2018, and while this signifies slowed growth relative to the past, it’s still among the most lucrative apps of all time.




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