10 Psychological Effects of Music

5. Feeling down? Music takes away your frown


Apologies in advance for the failed attempt at rhyming. For the critic, I admit that I am not a poet and would like to refer elsewhere. My job here is to share with you that music can get you out of a dip, at least if you’re open to it. In fact, the influence of music on our mood is the number one reason people listen to music. Some pieces of music can bring our mood down because they are sad. Such is the power of music. But some people are inspired by gloomy music and take courage from it.

Kawakami and colleagues found out in 2013 how that works. The truth is, for some people, the experience of mixed emotions that can be evoked by music, some sad and some cheerful, is in itself a pleasant sensation. Other people hear the sadness in the music, but can distance themselves from it, and as a result, these people feel less sad because they have “put away” some of their own grief along with the music. Good to know, if you are in a winter dip. Just listen to Celine Dion’s “my heart will go on”!




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