10 Reasons Why Sugar Makes You Sick

We all know: sugar is unhealthy, and sugar addiction is always lurking. But how does this work exactly? And what is the truth about sugar? We have collected the most recent studies for you, and in plain English, you can read here why sugar is unhealthy. But first a fact: on average we eat about 45 kg of sugar per person! One hundred years ago this was only 10% of this: 4.5 kg per person.

10. Sugar disrupts your insulin production


Because sugar is such a processed product and has an extremely high Glycemic Index (GI), your blood sugar level gets a huge spike when you eat sugar. This causes your body to produce the hormone insulin. This hormone ensures that glucose is absorbed into your blood and body cells.

When too much glucose enters your blood, your insulin production gets confused. When you continuously make too much insulin, you can develop insulin resistance: your body cells become immune to the enormous amount of insulin: a drama for your hormone balance. Insulin is a hormone and therefore, directly affects your entire hormone balance.




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