10 Ways to Positively Deal With Disappointment

If life is disappointing, if you are disappointed, the easiest way to deal with it is to go for it. That is fine for a while, but it is less good if you stay in this negative feeling for a long time. Then the fear of a new disappointment will overpower you and you will achieve little in your life. Better focus on ways you can use to recover from your pain and grief. You do this as follows.

10. Do Something That Makes You Happy


It is quite normal that you want to hide from the world when things go wrong. Then you roll yourself up, as it were, like a very small ball full of self-pity. According to Genella Macintyre, the author of “Five Steps to Reducing Stress,” this is the negative part of the grieving process. Disappointment is a form of mourning. You mourn something or someone you are disappointed in, something that you have lost. Usually, denial is not the best we can do, Genella said.

She believes that it is better to have a good conversation with yourself, admitting that the disappointment has simply happened. Then turn the knob and do something fun. That can be something very simple, such as watching a nice comedy, cooking something tasty or making a work of art. You can also unpack it bigger, for example, go to an amusement park, eat out or book a weekend away.




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