17 Unusual But High-Paying Jobs

Are you getting fed up with your career? Willing to try something a bit unusual for a big old wad of cash? Don’t worry, we’re not offering you an indecent proposal. No, instead we’re presenting you with our rundown of strange jobs that pay well, very well in fact. So throw away the suit and tie, you won’t need them where you’re going. Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of bizarre jobs with great salaries.

An Ethical Hacker

When we talk about hacking, we’re not talking about Russian outlaws blackmailing US companies or stealing your private photos, we’re talking about hackers for justice – many of whom work in the security industry looking for software weaknesses others could exploit; they get paid upwards of $140,000 to help keep people’s computers safe. After the 2021 Pegasus hacking revelations revealed that we are all hyper vulnerable to spyware and surveillance, we need ethical hackers more than ever.

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