4 Ways Purchasing a VPN Will Save You Money

Prevent Scams and Fraud


Long before the pandemic, the way that we work has been pivoting away from the office. At one point in all of our lives, we will find ourselves working from cafes, shared workspaces, and other locations where we will be accessing personal and/or confidential information from public WiFi. Connecting to unsecured public WiFi can carry huge privacy risks and makes users vulnerable to financial fraud, identity theft, and various other costly dangers.

Just as VPNs protect users from government and corporate snooping, they act as a stalwart line of defence against scammers clamouring for our personal information. VPNs minimize online footprints while encrypting data on a secure connection so that users can surf the web anywhere without having to worry about their online safety.  

 N.B. Money Morning Paper does not condone any illegal uses of VPNs. Individuals are responsible for their own actions and should comply with all relevant laws.


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