5 Tips to Start Enjoying Your Workout

Have you set the resolution to officially start working out coming Monday for the past few Sundays in a row? Have you had a gym subscription for years, but the times you went are countable on one hand? That is, of course, a real shame!

If you want to become (and stay) active from now on, read the tips below because that will make you enjoy exercising more. And then, you will no longer sponsor the gym alone. At this moment, going to the gym is in most cases not possible. However, you can enjoy being active also outside the gym. Read and learn!

5. Music


Always incorporate music in your workout routine, simply because music during exercise makes the workout more fun. Besides, music can increase motivation and give tremendous boosts of energy. Whether you are running or busy with weights, music during exercise improves performance. According to Fabio Comana, a teacher at the National Academy of Sports Medicine, it is important that the tempo of your music matches the tempo of your workout. Here are the guidelines for speeds per minute, per workout:

Warming up: 100-110 beats per minute

Strength training: 110-120 beats per minute

Cardio: higher than 120 beats per minute

Stretch and stretch: 90-100 beats per minute




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