7 Of The Best Stocks to Buy for 2019


The American Telephone and Telegraph Inc. is a US telephone company, founded by Alexander Graham Bell in 1885. It is present in 127 countries and employs over 200 thousand employees. AT&T operates in particular in provision of voice, video and data transfer services via the Internet.

In 2018 AT&T had a turnover of 170.8 billion dollars. In 2018, it acquired WarnerMedia, a world leader in the entertainment sector which also includes Warner Bros, CNN (the main all-news TV station in the USA) and HBO (a TV broadcaster known for television productions) for 85 billion dollars.Therefore, analysts are predicting significant revenue growth, which will also positively influence the stock’s performance.

AT&T has been grinding its way higher in recent weeks, and all signs are pointing to a stock that is likely to be higher soon. Thanks to a low-interest rate environment, AT&T dividend yield has become very attractive, and as a result, the stock may be too cheap when compared to bond yields. The technical chart suggests the stock rises toward $34.25, the next significant level of resistance. Meanwhile, options activity also suggests the stock rise to around $34.50.

From the beginning of the year to end of June the stocks has increased by, YTD +16.54%