8 Things That Will Destroy Your Nails

Your nails have to endure a lot because you use your hands continuously. You may not bite nails, but there are many more things that make your nails less healthy than you would like. Be careful not to do these things anymore, and you’ll finally get the long, strong nails you’ve always dreamed of.

8. Nail polish remover


Giving your nails a nice color is well-groomed and perhaps gives the finishing touch to your outfit. However, it is advisable not to change your nails every time. If you use a lot of nail polish remover, your nails will dry out, which can lead to damage in the long term.


Are you someone who often paints her nails? Wash your hands well with soap after collection and then put a nourishing oil on your nails and leave it on for a while. Tip: Use nail polish remover without acetone. In addition to nail polish, acetone also removes natural oils from your nails.




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