8 Worst Foods for Your Skin

Having a killer skin care routine but eating unhealthily all the time, is nearly the same as going to get a burger at Mc Donalds after a workout. Good skin care is useless when you eat the wrong food. Of course, beauty products have an impact on our skin, but the impact won’t be as significant when you don’t eat the right food.

To get the best out of your skin’s health, certain food is best to be avoided. Keep reading to discover what foods can better be left out of your diet.

1. (Refined) Sugars


Nowadays, sugar is nearly impossible to avoid. It’s no secret that sugar is bad for your health, yet we find it many food products. Food like chocolate, cookies and cake are known to be high in sugars, but there are many products that seem healthy at first glance but prove the opposite after checking the nutritional facts. You might need to reconsider your morning cereal and granola bar, as they very often contain more sugars than proclaimed.

The problem with sugar is that it significantly reduces collagen in your skin. Less collagen means a less elastic skin and a less elastic skin will eventually result in wrinkles and signs of aging. Sugar also has dehydrating features. This causes the skin’s sebum production to rise. Remember that sebum isn’t necessarily bad, as it helps lubricate and protect the skin. But too much of it will clog your pores and cause acne. Therefore, it is important to limit your sugar intake to keep your body’s sebum production at ease.




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