Are you a Good Driver? You Can Save $900 on Car Insurance

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How do these companies know who is a good driver? Thanks to technological advancements, this can be automatically measured by the insurer’s app. All the customers need to do is download the app to their smartphones and drive; the smartphone’s sensors will monitor and measure driving skills over the course of a few weeks and then work out a score and quote based on the skill level it detects. The discount for safe driving is then automatically applied.

Opting for these app-based modern insurance providers has other benefits too. Unlike the incumbents which still rely heavily on paperwork and antiquated systems, these new insurance products are truly designed for purpose in the modern era.

Customers no longer need to search through their piles of stored paperwork to find out their policy wording or the details of their coverage. Instead, they merely need to visit their provider’s app which will contain all the important and necessary information as well as sections for offering advice, adding other drivers to the policy, filing a claim, upgrading or extending coverage, and more.

Sounds to us like it might be time for a test drive.


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