10 Celebrities Who Lost It All

Celebrities are not immune to money issues, despite they make a lot of it and have access to business managers, sometimes it is just hard to stop them from spending.

We might think that millions last forever, but if you keep spending and spreading money all the time they certainly don’t. Just because celebrities have lots of money it doesn’t mean they get to keep it. From tax evasion to lawsuits to just excess, this list of celebrities lost it all. Some of them have made their way back, but others are still trying to survive and are relegated to the has-been category.

Most of these celebrities spent money like their fortune and glory days would never end, but of course, they were wrong. And when they started having problems the first thing they did was stopping to pay taxes. Some just decided it was the right move, and others trusted the wrong people and have been deceived. Sometimes even the best of us can make a mistake.

Let’s see who are these 10 celebrities who Lost It All.

10# Willie Nelson


Willie Nelson was a country/folk star, so we would think that his financial troubles were more interesting than just the age-old story of someone never paying taxes. In 1990, the Us Internal Revenue Service seized most of Nelson’s assets after he discovered that his accountants had not been paying taxes for years.

The star had a debt of $32 million, which went down to $6 million after a lot of negotiations. Shortly thereafter, he released his double album The IRS Tapes: Who’ll Buy My Memories?, with all the profits going to cover his debt. At the end, he sued his accountants and was free from debts in 1993.

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