10 Cities To Go For Christmas And NYE For A Luxury Holiday

It comes around at the exact same time each year but, exactly like an elaborate magical trick, somehow it seems to creep us up out of nowhere — Christmas. And if you are looking for a winter escape, you need to start thinking about the best places to go for Christmas holidays and New Year holidays now.

As the jingle bells and tinsel begins to festoon the shops, it is your prompt to organize your escape — possibly a mini festive break or 2 weeks of winter sunshine. Get your merry excursion plans off to a flying start with this guide to luxury areas for Christmas and New Year holidays.

We’ve collected 10 Cities To Go For Xmas And NYE For A Luxury Holiday.

 Nuremberg, Germany


Christmas NYE Luxury Holiday

Reportedly the birthplace of the Christmas tree and home to one of the oldest markets in the world (begun in 1628), Nuremberg is high on our German Christmas markets wanderlust list.

The city in northern Bavaria is distinguished from medieval castles, broad squares and gilded fountains which have the appearance of having been plucked straight from the creativity of a fairytale author. The markets start from December 1 at the primary market square. To get a real sense of its scale, visit the peak of the Church of our Lady to be rewarded with stellar views and twinkling lights emanating from red booths and its own merry-go-round.

It’s very much a traditional market, but it also has an international feel to it. Alongside the primary market, the Market of the Sister Cities sells handmade crafts from all over the globe — from Scottish kilts to French marmalades. And don’t leave without sampling a severe local delicacy — the original Nuremberg sausage. The dish is taken so seriously, in fact, that to be classed as a first, it must be generated within the city limits, weigh no more than 25 g and be a maximum length of nine centimetres.

Love one hot off the grill and then let the marjoram and mustard do its work to heat you up.




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