Common Jobs That Might Not Exist In 20 Years

The economic crisis due to the coronavirus breaks into a process that has already been going on for some time and dramatically accelerates the process. But what we are experiencing today is just a tiny taste, a timid preview of the devastating global systemic crisis that will come in the coming decades, when work will disappear forever for hundreds and hundreds of millions of people.

Already today, as a direct consequence of the epidemic, some large companies are announcing ‘fewer employees, more technology’. In fact, there are jobs that in 20 years’ time will no longer exist, replaced by artificial intelligence and new technologies that are increasingly advanced and sophisticated.



It is one of the most common jobs, but it is already beginning to feel the predominant presence of artificial intelligence that will end up in the next 20 years with the supplanting of man’s work. Large cities have already equipped themselves with fully automatic metro trains, for example.

There are already cars that practically drive themselves and which give us a clear glimpse of a future in which technology will supplant the professions of driving means of transport.




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