10 Most Eco-Friendly Cities of the World

We always hear about the way the world is getting more polluted daily. The seas, oceans, as well as the air we breathe,  are becoming polluted at a shocking speed.

The further people continue to pollute these natural sources, the longer it will become toxic for our well-being within this world. Sadly, this condition of decay is not only restricted to any one specific nation or a condition. We’re on top of a worldwide catastrophe which will render our lands inhabitable when we do not take effective measures fast.

Cities are trying to do something for the environment. Here are the 10 Most Eco-Friendly Cities of the World.

10. Cape Town


 Eco-Friendly Cities

Cape Town is unquestionably the town in Africa. The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) ranked Cape Town as among the top 5 cities in the world that maintain a conscious to climate change and sustenance.

Cape Town managed to achieve this feat by being effectively managing the wastes created by the company. Adding to the effort, Cape Town sources 10-20% of its energy from renewable resources.

“In a world of increasing population pressures and depleting natural sources some cities, such as Cape Town, are proactively adjusting their practices now as well as implementing sustainable long-term practices,” said Alex Brigham, executive director of the Ethisphere Institute.




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