Foods To Avoid Absolutely Before Workout

Eating something light or starve completely? This is the question that is often asked before starting a sporting activity. Scientists and athletes know that the time of the meal, as well as the quality of the food they eat, has a decisive influence on performance.

Working muscles need fuel during exercise, mainly in the form of sugar (glucose) or fat. This fuel can, therefore, come from our most recent meal, once its sugars and fats are digested and circulated in the blood, or from the reserves of fats and sugars already present in our body. We all have such reserves, especially of fat, and some of them reside in our muscles.

This muscle fat, however, becomes problematic if we accumulate too much of it and it is, therefore, better to encourage the disposal of these reserves”. While the advice would seem to be to do workouts on an empty stomach, so it’s better in the morning before breakfast, if you can’t resist it, you may want to do something light. But be careful, because not all foods are good and some should be avoided at all costs. Here are which and why.


Yogurt and more generally milk and all its derivatives should only be consumed after physical activity. This is because their fat content can strain the body and increase acid production in the stomach during a workout.




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