Foods That Should Never Be Stored In Your Fridge

Storing food in the fridge is a good way to keep it fresh: the right temperature is 5°, even if it does not remain constant throughout the fridge The coldest point is the lowest shelf, ideal for storing fresh meat and fish, while the hottest point is the compartment on the door, where we usually place bottles and all those foods that only need light refrigeration.

There are, however, some foods that just do not go in the refrigerator, but should be kept in the pantry because they are affected by low temperatures and lose some important properties or can become harmful. For this reason, we want to give you some simple and clear suggestions to help you keep your food at its best and we have made a list of the 10 foods that you should never, ever store in your fridge.



The cold preserves them, but it also interrupts their maturation, making them floury, making them lose their typical crunchy consistency and making them even less tasty. This applies to all types of tomatoes, such as salad tomatoes, dates, cherries, yellow tomatoes, etc.

Much better to keep them out of the fridge, maybe in the basket with the fruit.




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