Foods That Are Safe to Eat Past Their Expiration Date

Did you find out that some of the food in your house has expired? Check if they can still be consumed before you throw them away, wasting food is really a shame. Read carefully the labels of the food you have in your home: in fact, you should know that there is a big difference between the wording “to be consumed within”, a formula generally used for fresh and highly perishable food, and the wording “to be consumed preferably within”, which instead indicates only a time frame within which the product loses some of its organoleptic characteristics, but remains edible even after the expiration date.

So what are the Foods That Are Safe to Eat Past Their Expiration Date? Let’s discover them together.

10. Yoghurt


You can eat even a few days after its expiration date, it will only have less live lactic ferments.

Obviously, it should not be eaten if it has alterations, a suspect consistency, mould on the surface or if the jar has swollen. On the expiry date, it can also be used to make a light yoghurt cake or a purifying yoghurt beauty mask to be applied to the face.




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