Foods That Could Disappear Because Of Climate Change

Global warming is one of the environmental problems that will affect our lives most in the short term. Agriculture will also suffer immediate consequences. These are the foods that could soon become inaccessible or even disappear.

Climate change will have negative effects on flora and fauna throughout the world and the environmental consequences will affect the food we usually eat. Some of them are even at the risk of “extinction”. Here is a shortlist of 8 foods that could disappear with global warming.

Apples and Cherries


The flowering in spring and the fruits in summer need cold winters and cold temperatures to be constant and efficient. Walnut trees and Rosaceae (such as cherry, peach, apple or plum) are among the fruits most affected by global warming and may slowly disappear.

A study published in 2011 by an international team of scientists claims that fruit trees that need a temperate climate such as apple trees, which need a cold period in order to obtain economically viable harvests, could be affected by rising temperatures. Apple growers will have to prepare to grow varieties that require cooler temperatures.




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