How to Beat Insomnia: Food Tips To Help You Sleep Better Even This Summer

Doesn’t the heat make you sleepy? There are foods against insomnia that can help you avoid sleepless nights, despite the heat.

Enjoying the right hours of rest is important because it allows you to do all your daily activities with the right energy and concentration. Sleeping poorly or badly, on the other hand, makes you easily irritable. And if this disorder becomes chronic, it can also lead to more serious consequences, which can lead to illnesses such as depression or diabetes.

Unfortunately, when temperatures rise and the heat and humidity give you no respite, sleepless nights are always lurking. However, there are some foods that have the power to reconcile rest because they are rich in water, moisturizing and refreshing, and nutrients that help you relax and sleep better. Here are some of them.

Here are foods that, thanks to their precious nutrients, have the power to beat insomnia.



Among the foods against insomnia, there is the fruit considered calming par excellence: the apricot.

Thanks to its high content of magnesium (10 mg/100g) and potassium (320 mg/100 g), it is a valuable ally in cases of insomnia because it helps to reduce anxiety and nervousness. Rich in water, it also helps you stay hydrated and suffer less from heat: a great help to sleep better.



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