10 Ideas For Healthy Snacks

It doesn’t matter how much or what you had for breakfast, lunch or dinner, because sooner or later, in absolute silence, you will feel an earthquake shake your stomach. So what? It’s the right time to get your protein snack into action.

What is it? It is a small, light, easily eatable and digestible secondary meal, which should help us to absorb our hunger, thus preventing us from reaching the crucial meals of the day so hungry that we consume too much food. It is not just a matter of fashions, lifestyles and needs, but a good habit that everyone should respect: from the sedentary to the sporty, from the gourmet to the health-conscious. In fact, any doctor recommends at least 5 meals a day, for a total of 2-3 snacks, to be consumed at set times.

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10. Yoghurt and fruit


A jar of low-fat yoghurt contains about 2% fat and, accompanied by a cup of strawberries or 2-3 tablespoons of oat flakes, is a quick recipe to dampen the typical mid-morning hunger. Even more delicious and healthy is the homemade yoghurt, with live lactic ferments.

Similar to cheese flakes, they are difficult to find, but they are really worth it because the taste of yoghurt is more sour and true: nothing to do with industrial production.




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