Top 10 Luxurious Airlines First Class

The airlines that still offer a First Class product largely offer them in their ‘high-yield’ destinations with heavy traffic. These paths include New York to London, London to Singapore, Frankfurt to New York, London to Dubai, London to Abu Dhabi Etc.

On such routes, corporations and people are willing to pay for all the extras that come with this updated product. The adventure of flying First will be quite good whichever airline you fly and if you’re blessed enough to experience life in First, I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

Below the Top 10 Luxurious Airlines For First Class.

10. Japan Airlines


Luxurious Airlines First Class

Japan Airlines’ First Class passengers can indulge themselves in all the warmth and graciousness for which Japan is renowned. The semi-enclosed suite onboard the airline’s Boeing 777-300ER fleet features a woodgrain interior, creating the feel of a web-based library with strategically positioned furniture of subdued tones.

Everything is within the console, including a storage compartment, controller for inflight entertainment, and a laptop power brick, along with a 23-inch personal entertainment display. Passengers rest comfortably on airweave bedding that allows them to drift off into the ideal sleep.

Far away among the classiest of its kind, Japan Airline’s First Class dining sets a high standard with inviting menus, including both Western and Japanese cuisine.




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