The Most Bizarre Wills Ever

Everyone expresses a dying wish. For many, it means administering finances before they leave and making sure they pass something on to their loved ones. Many stars, however, write very bizarre wills.

Browse the gallery to discover the strangest wills written by celebrities.

Leona Helmsley


Her name is Trouble, and now she’s a billionaire. It was her “mistress” who left her an inheritance of $12 million. The very rich Leona Helmsley, who died at the age of 87 and ex-proprietor of the Empire State Building, in her will has in fact preferred her even to her dear grandchildren.

One can imagine the surprise of relatives and friends when the anomalous will was opened. The Maltese received the largest single share of the estate of over 4 billion dollars. Two grandchildren each received “only” five million dollars. But the sum can only be cashed if they visit their father’s grave at least once a year. To the faithful driver, the wretched sum of $100,000.




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