10 Most Expensive Valentine’s Day Gifts Ever

With February 14 quickly approaching, it is time to start thinking about the men in your lifetime. Whether you’re shopping for the partner-in-crime, boyfriend, dad, son or guy-you’re-not-really-sure-what-your-status-is, you want to find the right gift to show your love.

Maybe you will be not interested in those gifts, but check the 10 Most Expensive Valentine’s Day Gifts Ever made by celebrities.

10. Jay-Z to Beyonce: A Platinum Covered Cell Phone – $25,000


Expensive Valentine's Day Gifts

They are the greatest power-couple and they’re not scared of showing their love to one another.

In 2009, Jay-Z gave Beyoncé a strange present: a platinum-covered cell phone. The value: $25000. If you think that she spent too much, just keep in mind that she bought him a car worth over $2milion for his 41st birthday.

We only hope that she’s not the sort of person that changes her smartphone soon.




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