The 12 Negative Habits That Age Our Brain Ahead Of Time

The brain is the centre of our physical and intellectual activities. From here starts everything we decide to do with our body, which allows us to distinguish ourselves from others, to think: in short, to be “ourselves”.

Like any other organ with which we are endowed, however, it is subject to ageing, and can gradually lose its full faculties.

This is not just a way of saying: the brain must be trained, cared for and kept in good health. This is to prevent it from weakening, it may be more prone to degenerative diseases and early cognitive decline.

So let’s see what actions and habits we should AVOID keeping it healthy and efficient for a long time.

1.Alcohol Abuse


Excessive use of alcohol can damage the hippocampus of our brain. It is the part that helps us learn new things and strengthen what we already know.

Sure, a glass of wine when we eat or a little “hangover” for some particular occasion will do the trick, but it shouldn’t become a habit, or our memory will, in the long run, suffer.




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