The 10 Biggest, Greatest and Most Expensive Heists of All Time

1) The Crown Jewels Robbery

Loot: Priceless

On May 9th, 1671, Colonel Thomas Blood attempted something even more spectacular than his name. Disguised as a parson with a sex worker posing as his wife, he ingratiated himself with the Master of the Jewel House in England’s Tower of London. Once their friendship was firmly established, he attempted to steal England’s most prized possession – the crown jewels themselves.


Blood and his accomplices managed to reach the jewels, flattened the crown, and shoved the sceptre down a pair of one of their breaches. While Mr Blood was captured on the way out, he had another trick up his sleeve – pure charm. Knowing that King Charles had a soft spot for rogues, he remained confident that he’d be able to talk his way out of the executable offence. And he was right. The king not only pardoned him but rewarded him with land in Ireland. Your move, Clooney.


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