The 10 Biggest, Greatest and Most Expensive Heists of All Time

9) The Dunbar Armored Truck Robbery

Loot: $20 million

Over to the US for this one for a Stand By Me style story of childhood friendship, great danger, a touch of comedy, oh and quite a lot of violence. The leader of these modern-day Goonies was Allen Pace, who, believe it or not, was the safety inspector at the Dunbar Armored Trucking Company.

In 1997, he recruited four childhood friends and timed the armoured car robbery so that it would be out of reach of any CCTV. The criminals would likely have gotten away with it if one of them hadn’t lent some of the ill-gotten gains to a friend without removing the incriminating cash straps. Seeing as they physically assaulted the armoured car’s guards, it sounds like they got exactly what they deserved.

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