The 10 Biggest, Greatest and Most Expensive Heists of All Time

8) The Brink’s-MAT Robbery

Loot: £26 million ($38 million)

Outside of Ocean’s 11 (and 12, 13, 14, ad infinitum) wherein the characters have nigh-on prophetic levels of foresight, any heist will involve luck. That was never truer than in the Brink’s-MAT robbery wherein the thieves were expected to steal £3million in cash, but instead came across 3 tons of gold bullion.

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on whether you naturally side with robbers over cops, the mastermind was caught after their inside man (security guard Anthony Black) spilled the beans. His four accomplices and the three tons of gold, however, remain at large. Seeing as this robbery happened way back in 1983, it seems like they might have gotten away with it.

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