The 10 Biggest, Greatest and Most Expensive Heists of All Time

7) Banco Itaú Robbery

Loot: Unknown, estimated at between $50 – $90 million

While this burglary was in Brazil as opposed to Spain, the details of this daring 2011 bank robbery remind us of the hit heist show La Casa de Papel (or its boring English title, Money Heist). While the bank branch was under renovation, the burglars entered the building disguised as furnishing workers. Without ever firing a shot, they spent 10 hours breaking into over 170 private strongboxes belonging to Banco Itaú’s most elite clients.

They left with cash, luxury watches, pure gold, heirlooms, precious antiques, and every sort of luxury gem imaginable. Because the bank didn’t record what was inside its strongboxes, we may never know the true value of what was stolen.

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