The 10 Biggest, Greatest and Most Expensive Heists of All Time

6) Banco Central Burglary

Loot: $150 million Brazilian Reals ($65 million USD at the time)

It is strongly suspected that the Banco Itaú burglars were mentored by Brazil’s even more famous bank robbers – the burglars of Banco Central in Fortaleza.

These thieves conducted an equally audacious robbery. First disguising themselves as an artificial turf company, they rented a building near to the bank. There, they dug a 200m tunnel into the bank and disabled the security systems and alarms with such subtlety that the bank opened as usual on Monday morning without the security ever having realised they had been robbed. The robbery is of such renown in Brazil that an award-winning 2012 movie was released about it.

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