The 10 Biggest, Greatest and Most Expensive Heists of All Time

4) The Pink Panthers Robberies

Loot: $100 million

The Pink Panthers are an international organized crime group known for daring crimes throughout the world, from the US to Liechtenstein to Australia. They got their name by mimicking the mode of theft in the movie The Return of the Pink Panther, i.e., stealing a £500,000 diamond in a jar of face cream.

Combined, their crimes are estimated to be worth up to $800 million. With crimes in 20 countries and the use of ingenious tactics like speedboat getaways, crashing Audis through shop windows, prosthetic makeup, and covering nearby benches in fresh paint to deter would-be witnesses, the Pink Panthers take “organized crime” to a whole new level. Arguably their greatest single heist was in an exclusive Parisian jeweller wherein having entered dressed as women, four men stormed the place and escaped with over $100m worth of gems.

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