The 10 Biggest, Greatest and Most Expensive Heists of All Time

3) The Boston Museum Heist

Loot: $500 million worth of art

There are few better disguises in a heist than dressing as police officers. And that’s exactly what two men did in 1990 when robbing the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. After overcoming the guards, they ransacked the museum taking thirteen works of art worth approximately half a billion US dollars. These pieces of art included a Rembrandt, Degas drawings, and one of only a handful of Vermeer’s pieces ever produced.

In the years since, there has never been a single arrest which means that according to some calculations the Boston Museum Heist was the most valuable successful theft of private property in history. The frames of the stolen artwork still hang on the walls of the museum today. Whether this is an optimistic decision or merely a symbolic one is perhaps a matter of opinion. Still, the museum is offering $10,000,000 as a reward for information that leads to their return.

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