The 5 Best Budgeting and Personal Finance Apps 2021


Few people take pleasure from sitting down and tackling the tedious task of budgeting, but there’s no denying that mindful planning is integral to the protection of our financial futures. Fortunately, the emergence of budgeting apps has made the tracking of spending habits, monitoring of expenses, and management of cash flow easier than ever before.   

Still, just as a uniform budget wouldn’t work for everyone, neither will a single budgeting app. Personal finances are just that, personal. With so many options available, the first (and hardest) step towards using a budgeting app effectively is finding the one best suited to your priorities and individual needs. We’ve put together a rundown of some of the best apps out there, so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

Note: MoneyMorningPaper does not receive any affiliate benefits for promoting these apps, they have been listed here on their merits alone.


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