The 5 Best Budgeting and Personal Finance Apps 2021




With over 20 million users, Mint is one of the best known budgeting apps on the market, and for good reason. Owned by Intuit, and linked to a huge range of banks and lenders, Mint is notable for its intuitive set-up and user accessibility. Not only is the app itself free, a good start for any budget, but it also provides a variety of educational resources for those new to the budgeting process. 

By syncing with each of your various accounts, Mint does the work of consolidating your finances for you, enabling you to keep track of all of your spendings and savings in one place. In effect, Mint acts as your personal accountant – monitoring your bills, setting reminders for upcoming payments to avoid late fees, and automatically categorizing your expenses from linked credit and debit cards. Over time, seeing this monthly categorical breakdown can help you recognize the nuances of your spending habits and better understand your future budgeting needs. 

Utilizing all of these tools is sure to help with your credit score – which, of course, you’re able to access in the app as well!

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