The 5 Best Budgeting and Personal Finance Apps 2021





As the name suggests, Pocketguard has been specifically designed to curb overspending. Using an algorithm to track your income and expenses, this app encourages you to set  specific savings goals and then calculates exactly how much you can spend each day in order to reach them. For those of us short on willpower, Pocketguard is here to protect us from ourselves – allowing its users to create spending limits that will keep them in check, and their checkbooks in balance. 

For those willing to spend a little in order to save a little more, for a small fee Pocketguard includes a “lower your bills” feature to help cut down your monthly expenditure. The app will track your recurring bills from places such as phone and internet companies, and then find a better deal than your current one – saving you money, trouble, and time. 

Pocketguard is becoming a fast favourite as one of the easiest and most effective budgeting apps available. Users can choose between its free version or a premium version costing $34.99 a year. 

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