The 5 Best Budgeting and Personal Finance Apps 2021



Perhaps the only thing more complicated than budgeting for yourself is learning to budget with someone else. When you’re looking to manage your money as a couple, Zeta is one of the few free apps made with relationships in mind. 

Part financial adviser and part relationship therapist, Zeta understands that conversation is key to the responsible running of a joint finance account, and will set monthly “money date” reminders for you and your partner to facilitate communication and encourage the expression of your mutual monetary goals.   

Within the app itself, you’ll have the opportunity to monitor your individual accounts as well as any common savings and expenses, with the option to maintain privacy and disclose information as suits your preferences and needs. As with other apps on this list, Zeta makes it possible to track your personal spending and manage your bills in one place, while offering the added space for the two of you to create and contribute to a shared budgetary plan.  

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