Must-Know Tips for Exercising in Hot Weather

¬†Exercising when it’s hot is not easy. Those who have a passion for physical activity love neither heat nor humidity because they can’t perform and feel uncomfortable during training. In addition, running or sports when temperatures are very high exposes you to the risk of dehydration, sunstroke and other heat-related disorders.

But there are many benefits of sport. If you are finally passionate about running and want to continue training despite the sultry heat, the first thing you need to know is that you have to let your body adapt to high temperatures.

This takes at least 3 or 4 days, during which time you have to be very careful. Here are Must-Know Tips for Exercising in Hot Weather.

When to do sports when it’s hot?

Be smart: if it’s very hot it’s better to do outdoor sports early in the morning, very early indeed! In the evening it’s the second chance, even if temperatures in wetlands don’t drop as much. It’s better not to play sports between 10 and 16.

If you go for a run, look for shady places (parks, paths, woods). Your body will gradually get used to the outside temperature.




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