Top 10 Youngest Billionaires

1: Alexandra Andresen – 1.4 Billion Dollars

Age: 22 years

Total assets: $1.4B

Born in 1996, Alexandra Andresen is the world’s youngest billionaire. She is a Norwegian heiress and the daughter of Johan H. Andresen Jr., who owns Ferd, a Norwegian investment company that runs hedge funds, actively invests in the Nordic Stock Exchange and has private equity investments. In 2007, Andresen and her sister, Katharina, were each transferred 42.2% of the ownership stakes and subsequently inherited the money.



Gift Ideas for Those Difficult to Buy For Friends


The act of giving a perfect gift can be almost as enjoyable as receiving one for ourselves. We all have friends that are easy to buy for. (More kitten mittens for your cat-obsessed aunt? Job done!) Yet we also have friends that are frustratingly difficult to buy for, be it the friend who shuns material goods, the friend with obscure hobbies, or the friend who already seems to have everything. 

The joy of putting a smile on a loved one’s face is priceless. So we have created a gift list for those hard-to-buy-for friends of all types. So go ahead and treat yourself to the gift of giving. 

For the friend who is always on the move

Backpacks are incredibly useful but are all too often single purpose. A smart-looking, business-ready backpack won’t have all the helpful pockets of a hiking backpack. Inversely, hiking backpacks look too scruffy for the workplace. 

A multi-purpose “smart backpack” therefore makes an excellent gift for digital nomads who have to regularly adapt to different occasions, environments, and challenges. Designed to fit anything from laptops to survival gear and even featuring it’s own USB charging port, the slick, water-resistant BackxPack is a solid choice for on-the-go friends who can’t justify a different bag for every occasion.

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For the friend whose phone is always dead

“Sorry I’m late, my phone died.” Six frustrating words we hear all too often from that unreliable free-spirited friend who never seems to find time to charge their phone. As annoying as dead phones can be, in today’s age where every gizmo and gadget takes up a charging socket, it’s all too relatable.

Wireless charging technology has progressed rapidly in recent years; wireless phone chargers are now reliable, lightweight, stylish, and portable. All the owner needs to do is lay their smart phone on top of it and the charger will do the rest. That way, you’ll never be waiting for your friend again – theoretically. 


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For the friend who is terrified of wrinkles

Skin-care and anti-ageing products are an ideal purchase for those friends looking to avoid crow’s feet and marionette lines. Yet the friends most concerned about wrinkles are bound to already own the fanciest face creams and moisturizers around. So what to buy them?

Instead of another boring face-cream, boost their anti-ageing arsenal with a micro-vibration face massager designed to increase blood circulation and youthful complexion. So go right ahead and turn a friend’s worry lines into smile lines. After all, why age gracefully when ageing beautifully is an option? 

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For the friend who could do with a trim

While gift-giving is so often an expression of selfless love and generosity, let’s not forget that it can also be useful for giving friends those subtle hints you’d prefer not to say out loud. 

Do you have a friend whose curly moustache isn’t quite right for their face? A loved-one whose mutton chops aren’t as in vogue as they think? Or a colleague whose unkempt stubble makes them look more “hasn’t-washed” than “handsome-rogue”? Why not gently encourage them towards trying out some alternate styles with the gift of a quality cordless beard trimmer.

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For the friend who has to talk to you from the shed

“Sorry, the connection is bad, let me just change rooms.” – Another all too often heard phrase in the modern age of internet-connected video calls. 

Many routers simply do not cover a wide enough area to satisfy the internet access needs of a whole household. Buying a WiFi extender boosts routers’ range, ensuring that video calls, streaming, and any other internet needs can be met in every room of the house. This is a great gift for large multi-person households and it’s bound to go down well with the whole family.

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For the friend preparing for the apocalypse 

From political instability to uncertain financial markets to global heating, the last few years have given us plenty of reasons to worry about the world’s future. But whether your friend is a dedicated doomsday prepper or just an eager outdoorsman, a survivalist toolkit like the WildSurvive Pro is bound to delight them. 

Built from military grade materials and designed to survive all weather conditions, the compact WildSurvive Pro kit comes with flashlight, emergency blankets, a knife, multitools, compass and much more.

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For the friend who can’t resist a selfie

Let’s face it, we all initially judged the selfie stick when it first found its way into tourist attractions around the world. In the years since, as attitudes have softened towards them and more people admit they secretly wanted one all along, the selfie stick’s design has advanced considerably.

Some of the premium models now feature bluetooth technology, remote-controls, and retractable legs with which to turn a phone into a tripod. That way, there’s no more excuses for missing out the short friend in the holiday group shots. 

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For the friend who is obsessed with Instagram

Smartphone camera technology has advanced so quickly that it has almost invalidated dedicated compact cameras. These days, smartphone cameras are good for so much more than selfies; photographers and instagrammers achieve meteoric career success without ever splashing out on a DSLR. 

One area in which smartphone cameras inevitably sacrifice quality is with a zoom, so get that budding smartphone photographer pal a dedicated smartphone zoom-lens with built-in phone mount. Their Instagram followers won’t know what hit them.

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For the friend who loves a perfect beer

With pubs and bars across the world still closed to the public, it can be hard to find that perfect beer at home. With an ultrasonic beer foam froffer, friends can get that “just right” smooth finish to their pints without ever having to leave their homes. 

It makes an ideal gift for the beer lover, the friend who loves to host, or the friend who has been sneakily turning his garden shed into his own private bar. The other great advantage of giving this gift in particular is the likelihood that the giver will be invited over to share the first beer. Cheers to that!

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For the friends whose pets are like family

For some of us, pets are part of the family and are therefore deserving of the best of the best. While pet parents go to great lengths to ensure their pets have their nutritional needs met, hydration is all too often forgotten.

Hydration is just as important for animals as it is for humans, but finding a practical and hygienic way to keep them watered when out and about can be tricky. The PetHydro Max is an ingenious little product designed to make drinking easy for our furry little friends.

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If you haven’t found your gift inspiration here, fear not – we’ve got another gift list on the way soon. 

Disclaimer: Money Morning Paper and its parent companies may receive financial benefits and rewards for promoting some or all of the items on this list. They cannot be held accountable for the quality and effectiveness of the products listed.

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