Top 10 Luxury Trains In The World

Trains were the backbone of any country’s economy back in the days of the industrial revolution and they still are the lifeline of communication for all. Massive coaches sitting on tracks travelling long distances for hours, equipped with necessary amenities evoke a sense of romance and experience unlike any other sort of travel!

Here are the world’s best 10 luxury trains, equipped with decadence in every corner that is bringing train travelling back in vogue.

10. Golden Eagle Train


Top Luxury Trains

Hardcore travel enthusiasts have an expression that many find to ring true — they say that one has not experienced the attractiveness of train of travelling until they have boarded the Trans-Siberian Express. The Golden Eagle has the very intimidating itinerary exceeding eight different time zones using a very long tour of 2 weeks embroidered with lavishness and comfort in every way.

The train features extravagance in its centres and decoration with keen attention to detail like climate-controlled interiors in accordance with the season, TVs in every room, an English speaking doctor on board, laundry services and even a resident pianist on board.

Travelling with the Golden Eagle is a unique experience from the very first beginning until the end: when you arrive at the station, you’ll be met for a champagne reception in the Imperial Waiting Room. Then a car attendant will escort you to the platform where a brass band will play as you step on board the train for the first time. After you have settled in in your cabin, you can join the other passengers in the Great Lounge and Bar Car and toast your departure with champagne while a pianist plays Chopin.

On board you can find an expert who will explain the comprehensive off-train excursions available when you pause at a platform. Furthermore, in the two weeks travel you will go through a culinary journey, sampling some caviar and await the delicacies and Russian regional flavours to arrive from the Kitchen.

In the Golden Eagle the comfort begins before boarding the train and goes on also afterwards with 5 Star lodging in Moscow and Vladivostok.




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