11 Sneaky Ways Fast Food Use To Get You To Spend More And More

Fast food restaurants are using sneaky marketing strategies to encourage customers to spend more and more.

Most of us fall prey to the fast-food chains at any point or another, but what’s it about them that makes them so compelling? It is so easy, either in the morning or after a tough day, just to head on over to a fast-food restaurant and purchase a burger and fries.

However, most of us may think that it’s the cost and convenience that makes it so tempting, but there is really a great deal more going on than you may have thought initially. You will find clever ways that fast food restaurants reel you in and be sure that they have you mesmerized by their own approaches. Sure, it sounds a bit crazy, but once you realize all the sneaky ways they’re bringing people in, it starts making sense.

Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with catching a Big Mac meal every now and then, or catching at one of those delicious breakfasts when you are running late. However, it is always worth knowing what you’re walking in to, so that next time, you might resist the impulse for extra fries and a cookie.

Prices in small size


 Fast Food Spend More

So, while those restaurants are highlighting their food pictures, making the customer hungry only by some smart visual stimulation, they’re drawing away from the attention from the price.
Of course, most of us believe that fast food prices are lower than heading over to a proper restaurant.

By placing a price beside the image in a much smaller font, so it makes sure people pay much less attention to just how much it really is. Obviously, in some ways, it attracts a jolt when folks come to pay, and by that point, it’s too late. How many of us really pay close attention to fast food rates?




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