10 Of The Worst Airports Across the World: 2 are in the same city

Where you begin and end a journey might mean the difference between a wonderful trip and a terrible one, and that often means that the airport.

There are airports which have invested greatly in their restaurants and solutions and arguably become worthwhile destinations unto themselves. On the other end, there are those which have hardly elevated themselves outside bus depots for planes. And then you’ve got airports with off-the-wall features or who’ve earned cult followings

After our list of most luxurious airports around the World, now is time for the 10 Worst Airports Across the World.

10. Berlin Schönefeld – Germany


Worst Airports Across the World

We start our list with Berlin Schönefeld Airport. If Munich and Frankfurt have two of the most luxurious airports across the World, we cannot say the same for Berlin.

Schönefeld is an airport lost in time, a few passengers say they see George W. Bush’s image as the US President hanging on a wall somewhere in the airport. The airport requires basic repairs and new amenities, along with a dire upgrade on its own political walls.




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